Special Issue, Invited Editor: Franco Celada

Celada F.
Introduction: Knowledge is survival: The mission of the immune system and its many stochastic simulations

Lund O, Rapin N, Mosekilder E.
Bistability in autoimmune disease

Liao L, Holder B, Simon P, Boivin G, Beauchemin C.
Design considerations in building in silico equivalents of common experimental influenza virus assays and the benefits of such an approach

Vainas O, Efron S, Harel D, Cohen I.
Reactive animation: From piecemean experimentation to reactive  biological systems

Castiglione F, Santoni D, Rapin N.
CTLs' repertoire shaping in the thymus: a Montecarlo simulation

Liisa Selin et al
MaN's traces in vivo. Heterologous Immunity and Immunopathology in viral infections

Calcagno C, Puzone R, Pearson YE, Cheng Y, Selin LK, Ghersi D, Celada F.
Engagement of a computer simulator in heterologous immunity highlights novelty and rules of interdisciplinary cooperation

Pearson YE, Cheng Y, Selin LK, Puzone R, Celada F.
Systematic simulation of crossreactivity predicts ambiguity in Tk memory: it may save lives of the infected, but limits specificites vital for further response

Franceschi C et al
MaN's traces in aging of the immune system

Kleinstein S et al
Zonal structure formation and affinity maturation in germinal centers